In A Strange Land

The 33rd Poiema collection is the anthology  In A Strange Land: Introducing Ten Kingdom Poets edited by D.S. Martin Published September 19, 2019

This collection consists of poems by ten poets who, at the time of this publication, had not had a full-length poetry collection of their own published. The poets are: Ryan Apple, Susan Cowger, Jen Stewart Fueston, Laura Reece Hogan, Burl Horniachek, Miho Nonaka, Debbie Sawczak, Bill Stadick, James Tughan, and Mary Willis.

“Today’s poets of faith find themselves dwelling ‘in a strange land’ indeed, bridging the gaps between faith and doubt, church and art, and other false dichotomies that attempt to keep these bold voices at bay. Poiema’s newest anthology is a testament to the incarnational work of the word—and words—speaking through our freshest poetic talents. Some uplifting, some heartbreaking, some challenging, and some darkly hilarious, these poems bespeak a surge of Christian poetry on the brink of a twenty-first-century explosion.”

—Tania Runyan, author of What Will Soon Take

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