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My poetry can be read on these publications’ websites:

  1.  Amethyst Review(2), (3), (4)
  2. Canadian Literature(2)
  3. The Christian Century
  4. The Cresset
  5.  Cumberland River Review, (2)
  6. The Dalhousie Review
  7. Ekstasis
  8. Fare Forward
  9. First Things, (2)
  10. Foreshadow
  11. Innisfree Poetry Journal
  12. Literary Review of Canada
  13. The Other Journal
  14. Perspectives / Reformed Journal
  15. Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies
  16. Solum Literary Review
  17. Sojourners
  18. Spadina Literary Review
  19. Stonework Issue 6 
  20. The Temz Review
  21. Transpositions
  22. An Unexpected Journal
  23. Whale Road Review
  24. Windsor Review



In 2020 Alliance Connection published five of D.S. Martin’s poems, featuring graphics by Eric Crow. Click on the image to see and read them.

Reviews of My New Collection Angelicus


  • Listen to D.S. Martin’s visit to Pints With Jack the C.S. Lewis podcast (52:27); David Bates asks about Conspiracy of Light: Poems Inspired by the Legacy of C.S. Lewis (August 2022)
  • D.S. Martin discusses his poem “The Dark” (10:57) on The Reformed Journal Podcast Poetry Edition with Rose  Postma (August 2022)
  • Listen to LAB: The Podcast with Zach Elliott (May 2021)
  • The inaugural podcast from Solum Literary Press is: Ep. 1 – Beauty, Goodness and Truth: D.S. Martin on the Need for Art in Evangelicalism (February 2021)
  •  Listen to Edge of Faith Magazine (September 2019)


Being interviewed at Faith In Form — Winnipeg, Manitoba (2019)


Out for cappuccino with Ekphrastic Poetry class — Orvieto, Italy (2019)

Reviews of My Anthologies

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