Ampersand by D.S. Martin

Ampersand Poems | D.S. Martin

The 27th book in the series is Ampersand by D.S. Martin. Published February 14 , 2018.

D.S. Martin is the Poet-in-Residence at McMaster Divinity College, the Series Editor for the Poiema Poetry Series, and the author of such previous books as Poiema, and Conspiracy of Light: Poems Inspired by the Legacy of C.S. Lewis.

Jeanne Murray Walker — author of Helping the Morning — says, “As its title, Ampersand, suggests, this book proceeds by addition. It bountifully celebrates language, the gift God honored when he asked Adam to name the animals. On every page, Ampersand praises the very instrument of telling. I love its wonderfully inventive babble, fizz, flash and dazzle of sound as it retells biblical narratives, as it muses on places and things of this world.”

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