Adam, Eve, & the Riders of the Apocalypse edited by D.S. Martin

The 24th book in the series is Adam, Eve,
& the Riders of the Apocalypse
edited by D.S. Martin. Published December 27, 2017.

This, D.S. Martin’s second poetry anthology, rather than focusing on poets, focuses on bible characters — and pools together poems that interact with the most influential stories in the history of our world.

John Milbank of the University of Nottingham has written, “The fine Canadian poet D.S. Martin here offers us a compelling anthology which revives various traditions of poetic glosses upon the Scriptures. Variously narrative, metaphysical, homiletic and playful in idiom these poems often dare to be direct, rhythmic and unabashedly didactic in ways which, at their best, escape mere didacticism. They proclaim in effect that a sophisticated naivete is the best riposte to the naive sophistication of our times. And they illustrate how today a religious subculture looks more like the main trajectory of the West that has been temporarily sidelined but remains in waiting.”

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