Poetry Videos

Watch the Post-Pandemic Poetry Launch for collections by D.S. Martin (Angelicus)  and John Terpstra (Call Me Home) from November 19, 2022 at St. Thomas’s Church in Toronto.  

If you watch this from the beginning, please be aware that the sound and picture quality is being adjusted during the preliminary comments by David Kent (of the St Thomas Poetry Series) and John Franklin (Executive Director of Imago).

This video was recorded for Crossings Toronto — an outdoor art exhibit expressing the sixteen biblical stations of the cross (March 2 — April 14, 2022). This poem is for Station #4 “Jesus is denied by St. Peter” as found at Knox College, University of Toronto. “A Servant Girl”

The video for the poem “Midrash on the Lord’s Prayer” was created, during pandemic restrictions, for a virtual chapel service of McMaster Divinity College (28 September 2020). It features artwork by Eric Crow for Alliance Connection where this poem first appeared.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Title-Page-1024x743.pngThe final three of these videos were recorded in 2016 at the Festival of Faith & Writing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Video Production is by Luke Smith.