What I Have I Offer With Two Hands

The 34th book in the Poiema Poetry Series is  What I Have I Offer With Two Hands by Jacob Stratman. Published October 29, 2019

Jacob Stratman is an Oklahoma poet whose poems have appeared in such journals as Christian Century, Plough Quarterly, Rock & Sling, and The Windhover. He is professor of English at John Brown University in Arkansas, and is chair of the division of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

“This father writes for his sons but allows us to peek into their lives, both holy and mundane: the five-year-old with ashes on his forehead beneath the Burger King crown; the dinner guest at some unholy meal who hears about hand-feeding a fire eel; the creche with a broken Joseph, waiting, as we all wait, to be fixed. These are poems filled with humor, pathos, and light, the father negotiating those tricky boundaries between the sacred and the every day. Such a father we all need. Such poetry fills in all of the empty spaces in one’s spirit.”

—Jill Peláez Baumgaertner, author of What Cannot Be Fixed and Poetry Editor of The Christian Century

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