Full Worm Moon by Julie L. Moore

The 28th Poiema book is Full Worm Moon by Julie L. Moore. Published March 9, 2018.

Julie L. Moore is Associate Professor of English at Taylor University in Indiana, and the author of four poetry books, including the Poiema Poetry Series book Particular Scandals (2013, Cascade).

Barbara Crooker, fellow Poiema Poetry Series poet, writes, “The full moon rises each month throughout this moving collection, shining down on ‘the gritty corridors/of [a] long marriage,’ as we watch it painfully unravel. . . Because the book ends with ‘as you take each successive step,’ we know that she’s safe on her journey, a path she didn’t choose, a woman newly and bravely alone. Beautifully crafted and artfully wrought, these poems will sear themselves on your memory long after you close the book.”

To purchase Full Worm Moon visit: Wipf & Stock.