Ash & Embers by James A. Zoller

The 29th Poiema book is Ash & Embers by James A. Zoller. Published March 15, 2018.

James A. Zoller is the author of three poetry collections, including Living on the Flood Plain (2008, WordFarm). He is Professor of Writing and Literature at Houghton College in New York State.

John Leax, the author of Remembering Jesus, writes, “In the richly imagined poems of Ash & Embers, Zoller extends and deepens the achievement of a life in poetry. Whether he writes of alchemy, the natural order of things, marriage, military science, or the poems of Mao, his carefully crafted words lodge in the reader’s mind. They challenge and satisfy us intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.”

To purchase Ash & Embers visit: Wipf & Stock.