The Turning Aside

turningThe Turning Aside: The Kingdom Poets Book of Contemporary Christian Poetry

“I have been waiting for this collection for thirty years, literally. I am almost speechless. In this company of poets, lifters-of-the-veil between heaven and earth, I have no need for my own words. I only want to borrow theirs. And I shall–in worship, in church, in literary company. I am certain this magnificent collection will turn many aside from our mechanistic tromp through our days into the wondrous, piercing reality of God-with-us right here, right now.”
–Leslie Leyland Fields, poet, speaker, and author of Crossing the Waters: Following Jesus through the Storms, the Fish, the Doubt, and the Seas

See inside the book or buy it from Wipf & Stock

Publication date: 09 November 2016

Interview with D.S. Martin concerning The Turning Aside from the Faith Today blog

Marjorie Maddox (left) & Barbara Crooker (right) presented a panel discussion at the Eastern Christianity & Literature Conference along with Jeanne Murray Walker, featuring readings from The Turning Aside. Can you guess which poet had already left the conference before they thought of taking a picture?

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