The Poiema Poetry Series

D.S. Martin is Series Editor for the Poiema Poetry Series from Cascade Books. He is honoured to have had the opportunity to edit these collections, along with these fine poets.

The 22nd book in the Poiema Poetry Series is Phases by Mischa Willett. (Publication date: 03/16/2017)

Mischa Willett teaches English at Seattle Pacific University. He is the author of the chapbook Lunatic, and now of one full-length poetry collection. Kevin Craft writes, “Mischa Willett’s Phases takes time in stride. These poems rub shoulders with classical figures and Biblical traditions, stoics and shepherds and sleep-deprived poets, the better to place the old stories in a contemporary light. I admire the epigrammatic wit, Martial-like in its cutting wryness. If the unexamined life is not worth living, these poems investigate the daily struggle to find one’s place in the bigger picture–‘like holding one’s breath / to remember the air.'”

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The twenty-first book in the Poiema Poetry Series is Falter by Marjorie Stelmach. (Publication date: 02/20/2017)

Marjorie Stelmach is the author of five poetry collections, and the winner of the Chad Walsh Prize for the poem selected by Beloit Poetry Journal as their best selection from 2016. She has served as visiting poet at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, and as director of the Howard Nemerov Writing Scholars Program at Washington University. Jeanne Murray Walker writes, “Falter offers a break from our speed-maddened, fame-hungry culture, a pause to consider what it means to be human now, in the moment.”

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Now that the Poiema Poetry Series has been well established, it is time for a major anthology to celebrate the best in Christian poetry. The Turning Aside: The Kingdom Poets Book of Contemporary Christian PoetryEdited by D.S. Martin. (Publication date: 11/09/2016)

This anthology includes poetry by many of the finest Christian poets of our time, including R.S. Thomas, Margaret Avison, Richard Wilbur, Wendell Berry, Les Murray, Marilyn Nelson, Dana Gioia, Scott Cairns, Christian Wiman, as well as each of the poets from this series.

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TrueThe nineteenth book in the Poiema Poetry Series is True, False, None of the Above by Marjorie Maddox. (Publication date: 04/07/2016)

Marjorie Maddox is the author of five full-length poetry collections, and several other books. She is professor of English at Lock Haven University. Paul Mariani has written, “In True, False, None of the Above, Maddox offers us a brilliant, witty, and vulnerable garland of poems. Here is the voice of a teacher, a poet, a mother and wife, a woman of faith bearing witness to a deep and lasting Truth…”

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WhereThe eighteenth book in the series is Where the Sky Opens by Laurie Klein. (Publication date: 12/17/2015)

Laurie Klein has taught theatre arts at Whitworth University in Spokane, and is one of the founding editors of the journal Rock & Sling, which now makes its home at that university. She won the Predator Press Chapbook Prize for Bodies of Water, Bodies of Flesh (2004), and the 2007 Thomas Merton Prize for Poetry of the Sacred. Luci Shaw has said of Where the Sky Opens, “Klein’s lines zero in on her life’s crucial details that then enlarge, resonate, and fill the frame of the reader’s imagination.”

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IntricaciesThe seventeenth book in the series is These Intricacies by Dave Harrity. (Publication date: 10/01/2015)

Dave Harrity is the author of Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity, and the Kingdom at Hand (2013), a book of meditations and creative writing exercises for individual spiritual growth and communal formation. An Assistant Professor of English at Campbellsville University, he lives, teaches, and writes in Louisville with his wife and children. Susanna Childress has said of These Intricacies, “I’m punctured by all that’s hallowed and harsh in these poems. What’s more: I’m thankful.”

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TwistedThe sixteenth book in the Poiema Poetry Series is Twisted Shapes of Light by William Jolliff. (Publication date: 05/11/2015)

William Jolliff is Professor of English at George Fox University in Oregon. His previous books include the poetry chapbook Whatever Was Ripe (1998), and The Poetry of John Greenleaf Whittier (2000). He is also well known for playing bluegrass banjo in and around the Pacific Northwest. Paul Willis has said of Jolliff that “Few other poets can so evoke the wretchedness of our human experience and yet, at the same time, intuit its hidden spiritual comforts.”

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00001The fifteenth book in the series is The Hatching of the Heart by Margo Swiss. (Publication date: 01/26/2015)

Margo Swiss teaches English and Creative Writing at York University in Toronto. In addition to academic publications on Milton and Donne, her poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies. She has previously published Crossword: A Woman’s Narrative (1996) and edited Poetry and Liturgy: An Anthology of Canadian Poets (2007), both in The St. Thomas Poetry Series. John Terpstra has written, “Margo Swiss’s new book of poems is devout, intense, often heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting.”

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CASCADE_TemplateThe fourteenth book in the series is Collage of Seoul by Jae Newman. (Publication date: 01/20/2015)

Jae Newman is an exciting new poet. He was born in South Korea and adopted into an American family. Collage of Seoul traces the spiritual journey of a man who, unnamed at birth, looks to both Eastern and Western cultures to form an identity through a love story that culminates with the decisive act of naming his two daughters. According to Tania Runyan, “These ardent lyrics and narratives ring to the slightest touch, reverberating the sojourner’s ache for beauty and meaning.”

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DavisThe thirteenthth book in the series is Still Working It Out by Brad Davis. (Publication date: 04/08/2014)

Brad Davis is the winner of the Sunken Garden Poetry Prize, and the International Arts Movement Poetry Prize. This is his second poetry collection published by Wipf & Stock, the first being Opening King David—150 poems inspired by the Psalms. Tania Runyan, author of Second Sky, says of Still Working It Out, ” Davis does not shy away from tsunamis, 9/11, or the second coming, but allows life’s bewilderments to resonate . . . beautifully. . . . This is a work of hard-earned wisdom and wit, a collection I will return to again and again.”

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RememberingThe twelfth book in the series is Remembering Jesus: Sonnets and Songs by John Leax. (Publication date: 03/20/2014)

Remembering Jesus is quite different from anything John Leax has ever written: Carefully-crafted sonnets and pleasingly-structured poems thoughtfully written from the imagined perspectives of those who saw Christ first-hand. Richard J. Foster has said, “John Leax is one of today’s premier poets. With Remembering Jesus he utilizes his poetic skills in the serious business of imaginative play. Take! Read! Enjoy!”

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FixedThe eleventh book in the Poiema Poetry Series is What Cannot Be Fixed by Jill Peláez Baumgaertner. (Publication date: 02/26/2014)

Jill Peláez Baumgaertner has been an influential presence for years, from her post at Wheaton College, and as Poetry Editor at The Christian Century. Paul Mariani says of this collection, “Reading—no, experiencing—the poems of Jill Baumgaertner is like entering the dawn of the eighth day of creation, they are that beautiful and true. . . . How is it that this poet can so quickly and quietly and seamlessly draw us into the living dream of the holy?”

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SecondThe tenth book in the series is Second Sky by Tania Runyan. (Publication date: 11/18/2013)

Tania Runyan’s new collection leaps from a familiarity with the writings and life of the apostle Paul. Jill Paláez Baumgaertner, the poetry editor of The Christian Century, has said, “While these poems are anchored by Paul’s familiar words, his directives and admonishments, Tania Runyan’s plucky responses challenge traditional pictures of the believer’s life…These are spirited and intimate pictures of a suburban woman’s encounter with holy mystery, often both unpredictable and oddly comforting.”.

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ConspiracyThe ninth book in the Poiema Poetry Series is D.S. Martin’s own collection, Conspiracy of Light: Poems Inspired by the Legacy of C.S. Lewis. (Publication date: 10/23/2013)

British poet, Malcolm Guite has written, “D.S. Martin’s lovely suite of poems, written in response to the legacy of C.S. Lewis, will delight all lovers of Lewis’s work as each new poem picks out and sheds light on different facets of Lewis’s genius. . . . Amidst the long shelves of writing about Lewis, this slim volume will give more pleasure, show more insight, and win more friends than most.” Read a review from: Faith Today.

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ScapeThe eighth book in the series is Scape by Luci Shaw. (Publication date: 10/16/2013)

Luci Shaw is the author of ten previous books of poetry. She was selected to be the 2013 recipient of the Denise Levertov Award. Jeanne Murray Walker has said that Scape is “Luci’s most witty, brilliant book. . . . One after another, these poems ground the reader utterly in the concrete and physical—and then, with the jet engine of metaphor, they take off into the world of spirit.” Since 1988 Luci Shaw has been the Writer in Residence at Regent College in Vancouver.

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PrayerThe seventh book in the series is Say This Prayer Into The Past by Paul J. Willis. (Publication date: 10/02/2013)

Paul J. Willis has just completed his term as Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara, California, where he lives and is a Professor of English at Westmount College. A dominant influence on his life and writing has been being a mountaineer. He grew up in Oregon, close to the Cascade Mountains. His love of nature, and of the most pristine places on the continent becomes evident in each of his three poetry collections. Sofia M. Starnes has said, “When Paul Willis writes, ‘the confused but steady luster of dawn, /clear skies born from gasp of night, /the breathless story’, he encapsulates the faith and beauty of his new collection.”

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WordThe sixth book in the Poiema Poetry Series is A Word In My Mouth: Selected Spiritual Poems by Robert Cording. (Publication date: 09/11/2013)

Robert Cording is a Connecticut poet who has now published seven poetry books. He has said, “My task of late has been to evoke what I would call the primordial intuitions of Christianity. What are they?—that we live in a world we did not create; that God’s immanent presence is capable of breaking in on us at every moment; that most of the time we cannot ‘taste and see’ that presence because we live in a world of self-reflecting mirrors; that only by attention alone…can we live in the world but outside of our existing conceptions of it.”

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GoldThe fifth book in the series is Gold by Barbara Crooker. (Publication date: 06/10/2013)

Barbara Crooker is the author of four poetry books – Gold being her latest collection. She has also published ten poetry chapbooks. Her poems have appeared widely in such publications as Beloit Poetry Journal and The Christian Century — have received awards such as the 2009 Paterson Award for Literary Excellence for her second collection, Line Dance — and have been heard on BBC Radio and on Garrison Keillor’s The Writers Almanac. Read a review from: Ruminate.

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ScandalsThe fourth book in the series is Particular Scandals by Julie L. Moore. (Publication date: 06/04/2013)

Julie L. Moore’s poems have appeared in over 100 publications, and she is the recipient of many awards, including the Paul Mariani Scholarship for Excellence in Poetry from Image’s Glen Workshop. She is the Writing Center Director and an Associate Professor of English at Cedarville University in Ohio. “Broad in scope—theological, ecological, and personal—and acutely particular in details—witnessed and lived—the affecting poems in Particular Scandals explore how one endures suffering, avoiding the clichés of both bitterness and transcendence.” Read a review from: ImageUpdate.

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BonesThe third book in the series is Within This Tree of Bones: New and Selected Poems by Robert Siegel. (Publication date: 01/07/2013)

Robert Siegel is the author of five poetry collections; he has also written several novels, including the Whalesong trilogy which has been translated into seven languages. For 23 years he directed the graduate creative writing program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “Written over five decades, these poems begin fixed in the human condition, our common experience of an imperfect world. Slowly, under the aegis of the Spirit, they move toward a brighter vision of things: they ask us to ‘dream in that fecund darkness until all shapes are shining.'” Listen to a podcast about this book from John Wilson, editor of Books & Culture.

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EpitaphsThe second book in the series is Epitaphs For the Journey: New, Selected and Revised Poems by Paul Mariani. (Publication date: 05/18/2012)

Paul Mariani is the author of seven poetry collections. He is also known for the biographies he’s written of poets, such as William Carlos Williams (for which he was a finalist for the American Book Award), John Berryman, Robert Lowell, and, most recently, Gerard Manley Hopkins. In Epitaphs for the Journey: New, Selected and Revised Poems, Paul Mariani revisits forty years of writing poems, including revising many of his earlier lyrics, to shape his latest volume into a life lived and lived again over the past seven decades. Read a review from: Vineyards.

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SundaysOur first book in the Poiema Poetry Series is Six Sundays Toward a Seventh: Spiritual Poems by Sydney Lea. (Publication date: 01/01/2012)

Sydney Lea is the author of ten collections of poetry, including Pursuit Of A Wound (2001) which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Lea is the founding editor of New England Review, where he served from 1977 until 1989. He is the poet laureate of Vermont. These poems—selected from the award-winning poet’s output over four decades—more explicitly than any of his prior volumes address the centrality of Christian vision to his aims and aspirations. Read a review from: ImageUpdate.

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